Directory of Poets

Biographies, Works, and Criticisms:

This are brief biographies along with commentary and criticism on their poems. Most poems are linked to Luminarium so you are able to read the poem while reading the commentary.

John Donne
Michael Drayton
George Herbert
Robert Herrick
Ben Jonson
Richard Lovelace
John Milton
William Shakespeare
Sir Phillip Sidney
Edmund Spenser
Sir John Suckling
Henry Howard Earl of Surrey
Sir Thomas Wyatt

Literary Biographies:

The poets listed below were written about in our third paper (see Overview for more information). These pages have a detailed biography as well as significance of the poet and their poetry. For the most part, there is little commentary on the individual poems themselves.

Thomas Carew
Margaret Cavendish
Aemilia Lanyer
Christopher Marlowe
Sir Walter Raleigh
John Skelton

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