Why We Made This Wiki

On the first day of class, we found out our final project would be to create a Wiki with important information on what we learned throughout the semester. When we finally started to work on the Wiki, we had to decide how to put the site together. This is our process.

First, we decided what we wanted on the site: information on poets, literary terms we had learned and that were crucial to understand the poetry of the time, an about the authors page, a major list of our sources, and a literary humor page. Once we had the skeleton, it was time to add some meat to it.

Throughout the semester as we read various poems and we created preparatory sheets that shared biographical information, criticism on the poems, and questions we had about the poems or the poet. According to our syllabus:

Prep sheets will present relevant information about the poet, poems, and any useful context, and they will comment on a number (if not all) of the assigned poems in some detail. They may ask questions. They will cite sources like the Oxford English Dictionary, appropriate websites, and literary criticism on the poems available in the library stacks and the reserve reading.

When it was time to create this Wiki as our end of the semester project, our first step was to take our prep sheets and turn them into web pages. The poets found on the Directory of Poets include our favorites, as well as well-known poets of the 16th and 17th centuries and selected poets of whom we wrote a literary biography. This literary biography paper was our third and final essay. The assignment was to:

Write an approximately five page biographical and literary historical paper on one of the following authors from our period who are not represented on our syllabus (but who do have selections in our books). Read all selections from this author in either Sixteenth Century Poetry (left column) or Seventeenth-Century British Poetry (right column). Discuss the author’s life and significant literary accomplishments, commenting on what is distinctive about their poetry.

After we uploaded our prep sheets and literary biographies, we edited our pages and added information taken from our classroom discussions of the poems. We also created pages such as Literary Terms, Literary Humor, and a Sources page to help both support and add flavor to our Wiki. Finally, each of us read through the final product to make any necessary revisions and add the finishing touches. Volia! Our Wiki was complete. We hope you enjoy both this site and share in the discoveries we made this past semester. Still want to learn more about us? Check out our About the Authors page.


Professor Gina Hausknecht ENG 475: British Renaissance Poetry Syllabus
Professor Gina Hausknecht Paper #3 Requirements

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