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We hope you are enjoying your visit to our Wiki. The seven of us listed below are students from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA. We all enrolled in British Renaissance Literature for the Spring 2011 semester where we've learned all about 16th and 17th poetry. In lieu of a final exam, our professor, the lovely Gina Hausknecht, allowed us to create this Wiki to show off our knowledge of the poets and their poems, and other discoveries we've made this semester. The seven of us enjoyed creating the Wiki because we were able to revisit our favorite poets and a create a place where everything we've discussed this semester can be found.

The Seven

Sioned Curoe: Sioned is a freshman at Coe College majoring in Creative Writing and Asian Studies. Her favorite poet from the period of study is Shakespeare, though her first poetic loves will always be Emily Dickinson and William Ernest Henley. Sioned is from the countryside in Northeast Iowa and enjoys many activities ranging from hunting and karate to nesting on a cold day with a hot drink and a good book. She plans to teach English in Japan and possibly Thailand after graduation.

Hailley Fargo: Hailley is a freshman at Coe College interested in majoring in English and Writing. This is the first serious poetry class she has taken and has enjoyed it tremendously. Favorite poet or piece of poetry of this period? That's tricky. She would probably have to say Samuel Daniel's Delia because she has yet to get the hydra imagery out of her head.

Katy Heater: Katy is a senior at Coe College and will be graduating in May 2011 with a Major in English and Business Administration. Favorite Poet? Sir Philip Sidney. Although everyone thinks Astrophil & Stella is cheesy and annoying, she loves it! Katy compares it to those daily Soap Operas or Lifetime movies; she always is falling for all that overdone emotion. Katy is also very intrigued by Ben Jonson’s writing of “To Penshurst” about the Sidney family. This only strengthens her case about good ole Sir Philip.

Amanda Ickes: Amanda is a junior at Coe College and is majoring in English and Public Relations. Her favorite author is Hemingway, and when she sleeps, she often dreams up situations where she encounters him all over Europe. Amanda also enjoys the poetry of Ben Jonson. Although she seems quiet during class, she often experiences internal rants about the angsty, womanizing poetry that was written by the lovestruck authors of this period.

Christine Kuster: Christine is a senior at Coe College, graduating in May 2011 with a Double Major in English and Creative Writing, and honors in Creative Writing. Her favorite authors are Neil Gaiman, Mark Z. Danielewski and Haruki Murakami. Her favorite poets are Donne, Herrick, Suckling, Lovelace, Wordsworth and …Emily Dickinson. In her free time she enjoys chai lattes, bad television, sleeping in, and writing.

Katie Weingardt: Katie is a sophomore at Coe College majoring in English with Religion, Spanish, and Creative Writing minors. She plans on pursuing grad school and a career in publishing after she graduates. Katie is from Littleton, Colorado and is madly in love with the Rocky Mountains. Her favorite poet that she's studied this semester is Robert Herrick. She enjoys thunderstorms, black coffee, symphonic metal, and libraries.

Jesse Whitehouse: Jesse is a Junior at Coe College majoring in Business Administration. After school, he plans to enter a career in commercial sales. Originally from Union Grove, Alabama, Jesse has lived in five states. Iowa is his favorite. When not concocting surrealist puns, he enjoys reading puzzling literature, writing secrets in smythe-sewn diaries, listening to people far smarter than he, and struggling to grasp what they said.

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